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Learn How To Tell Your Story


One of the first things people normally ask when getting to know someone is "What do you do?", which, of course, is interesting to learn. But more interesting still is how someone answers the question "Why do you do it?". Why? Because from this answer you can learn a wide variety of things about the person's interests, character, aspirations, values, mentality, level of determination, etc. But one thing you almost always, without a doubt, can ascertain from their response is the answer to a still unasked question: "Are you good at what you do?" because why someone does something often determines how they do it.


My name is Anastasia. I am certified to teach English through CIE, and have been dabbling in languages all my life. Whether it was that I was proud when I could reply to my Oma in German as a child or I was getting decent grades on Spanish tests at school or, later, rattling off Russian and finally putting together sentences in Italian, language has always excited me. Conveniently, I was born in a country (USA) where the very international language of English is spoken, and so the language of my heart, the language of my fluency and eloquence, is a language that is widely needed. People all around the world need English, and since I have a passion for languages, and even more especially my own, I share that gift as best I can through tutoring and teaching.


Now, I don't want to falsify my resume. My Spanish and German, after years of non-use, are nearly precedence over interest), Time, and Consistency. While I have the passion, the time and consistency are two things that were lacking in that regard. So while my useable language skills are limited at the moment to three instead of five, my experience in studying languages and adapting to new structures of thought and communication allows me to channel my passion for language into useable teaching methods for my students. Further, as I have struggled with time and consistency, I know that this will be a struggle for you as well. But no worries! That's what I'm here for. non existent. You need three things to learn a language: Passion (or determination, when necessity takes

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